200 planes came to kill her one September 11...
Running with Mum

the film

Mum never spoke about her horribly mutilated legs.

She’d been a 7 year old girl, caught in a fire. That’s all.

Then came 9/11 - and it turned out that was the same date that 200 bombers had come to kill her in a deliberately created firestorm.

On the 5th anniversary of New York and the 62nd of Darmstadt, Mum agreed to revisit her childhood home and tell her filmmaker son for the first time the horror she and other civilians experienced that night.

She reflects on fear, on pain, on forgiveness, and on what the passage of time does to a city and its devastated citizens.
Running with Mum
© seedfold Films 2007,
Colour/B&W, 53 mins / 61 mins, 16:9, Dolby 2.0
English with some English subtitling of German

a film by Martin Greaves
camera Susi Arnott
sound & music Adrian Rhodes