200 planes came to kill her one September 11...
Running with Mum

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12th October, 2008 Raindance
"Running with Mum" has been selected to take part in the 16th Raindance Film Festival in London.

Festival website
Running with Mum festival page (including review)

11th September, 2008 Darmstadt

screening photo

As part of the town's anniversary commemorations, "Running with Mum" was shown at the Centralstation along with an earlier documentary "Brandmale".

The film was shown with German subtitles as "Der Weg meiner Mutter".

A capacity audience of over 400 came, causing the doors to be closed half an hour before the start and leaving many outside. A very moving screening, attended by other survivors and young people alike, it was followed by an hour and a half of lively discussion between audience and panel.

14th April 2008 Premiere
premiere photo
As part of the London Independent Film Festival, “Running with Mum” was premiered at the BFI National Film Theatre in London.

The audience found the film exceptionally moving. Sitting in the dark and watching the big screen of Cinema really brought home the power and poignancy of the story, leaving many in tears and angry at the pointlessness of civilian attacks.

Many thanks to Erich Shultz (Festival Director) and to Meghan Horvath (Docs Programmer)

Festival website: www.londonindependent.org